LUCKY CRAFT HAGANE 64 (lot of 2) – Limit Out Lures

LUCKY CRAFT HAGANE 64 (lot of 2)

$ 11.00 $ 31.98

Featuring a steady horizontal posture when falling and simple cast-and-reel motion, this all-purpose vibrating lure makes an expert out of any angler. With the Hagane, there are a variety of fishing options including casting close to structure, sweeping the bottoms of rivers, fast retrieval on sandy beaches and even aiming for the deep bottom. Moreover, the Hagane is an ideal search bait designed to help find fish over a wide saltwater area. Its motion is particularly effective when reeled in quickly. The small, bite-sized body is enticing for the target fish.
  • Length: 64mm (2-1/2")
  • Weight: 12.0g (7/16oz)