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Limit Out 110 Suspending JerkBait Kit

$ 15.00

The design, unique action, balancing system and realistic color patterns all combined to make the incredible jerk bait a top producer.   Our 110 is armed with heavenly desired Weight Transfer System. not only helps create amazing action and huge flash, it also helps create desired long casts. This high quality  package is finished off with high quality short shanked black nickel hooks designed to increase hookup percentages with superior light-wire penetration.

The Limit Out JerkBait really shines when water temps are between 38 to 70 degrees. Late Fall trough early spring the Limit Out JerkBait is excellent when fishing points, flats, rocky banks, bluffs, or above submerged grass beds. However, the Limit Out 110 is also deadly around boat docks in the heat of the summer, so it is common to see a Limit Out Jerkbait on the front deck of  boats year-round.